Congratulations to our May 2019 Winner

Ava Pearson

Ava Pearson

“Ava is courteous, dependable, flexible, and I enjoy working with her. I can almost 100% count on Ava to be available for my GA to AL lane. She once went out of her way on a day off to return a pallet that had previously been refused at the prior receiver.”

-Gayla Altman, Senior Logistics Specialist

Get to Know Ava

What are your hobbies?

I don’t have much time for hobbies. 

Are you a member with Women in Trucking?

I’m not sure. 

What are your thoughts on gender diversity? What have you done to promote more women in trucking?

If a woman approaches me about truck driving, I give her all the knowledge I have and I don’t sugar coat anything.

What are safety tips you may use in the field?

I stay off my cell phone and never text while driving. Sadly, I often see a lot of woman drivers on their cell phones.

Are there any areas that you do not like to travel to?

I don’t like to go up north, or out to California. I would rather be close to home due to being a driver now for 18 years.  

What do you like about being a truck driver?

It gives me a sense of independence. 

May Nominees

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