Hurricane Season: What You Need to Know

The arrival of Hurricane Dorian in early September marked the start of peak Hurricane Season in 2019. According to an update released in August by NOAA, there is a 45 percent increased likelihood of above normal hurricane activity this season. Here are some tips about what your organization needs to know during peak hurricane season and how to prepare for a potential emergency. Be Aware and Maintain Communication to Employees and Customers Natural disasters can have a significant impact on the economy and your company’s Supply Chain. One way to minimize this impact is to maintain transparency and communication throughout all levels of the business. Be open with any customers and partners about the potential effects that a hurricane would have on your company. Stay Informed Additionally, a hurricane’s path and level of impact is subject to change very quickly. Make sure to frequently check and/or listen to your local weather station or channel for updates on an approaching hurricane before, during, and after the storm. It is very important to know your risk of hurricanes based on your location and/or line of business. Make a Plan Always place safety as your company’s top priority during a natural disaster. Have a company-wide plan that outlines your organization’s actions during an emergency. Your plan should include an evacuation route, a designated safe area that is not subject to flooding to use as a shelter, and a method for communication with employees and customers for if you lose power. Consider Alternatives Make sure to consider alternative workspaces and methods of transport for your goods in the event of an approaching hurricane. At Trinity we partner with over 70,000 carriers and communicate with our customers about the industry to ensure that we are delivering the best logistics solutions throughout a natural disaster. For more information and to prepare your Supply Chain for any kind of Natural disaster, click here. If you have any questions about how hurricane season could affect your organization, reach out to your Trinity Representative or call us: 1-866-TRINITY.