When there are so many logistics providers to choose from, it can be difficult to differentiate between the masses. What makes Trinity the most valuable partner for your business?

Our company culture.

We operate with a people-centric approach by staying focused on serving our customers and carriers 100% of the time. We will make sacrifices to help you succeed. This is the Trinity difference – we will remove any obstacle to provide you with the service your business deserves. When you rely on us, we take that seriously.

Our devotion to service, commitment to continuous improvement, and dedication to ethical business practices have combined to cultivate a unique company culture that fuels our unrivaled reputation in the transportation industry, and over time has made us one of the top third party logistics companies.

We do it all.

Trinity is a one-stop shop as a third party logistics provider, meaning you only have to make a single call to your one trusted advisor on our team for guidance. We call ourselves “logistics solutions providers” because we can truly arrange for your every need. Our team is experienced and trained to leverage technology, each other, and our various relationships to create innovative solutions for the challenges you’re facing.

We’ll manage your claims.

As a service to our customers, Trinity will assist with filing any claims that arise when we have arranged the transportation of your shipment. Acting as the liaison between your company and the carrier that moved your freight, we collect all the paperwork and submit it to the carrier (or their insurance, depending on the amount of the claim) on your behalf. It speaks highly of our carrier selection process that after shipping nearly 250,000 shipments annually, less than one tenth of a percent experience claims. Don’t get stuck with the responsibility of dealing with complicated claims – start using Trinity’s services and we’ll be there to help you take care of it.

We’re very choosy when it comes to carrier selection…

We have an entire department that exists solely to ensure the carriers we arrange to haul your freight are insured and compliant with federal regulations, mitigating your risk as much as possible. Before a carrier is cleared for take-off, their records are examined, their reputation is checked online, their insurance is confirmed, and we verify their credentials with the FMCSA. We have the resources and expertise to prevent your freight from falling into the hands of a non-compliant carrier.

…And choosy carriers choose us.

Each year, we’re ranked as a top provider by carriers because of our ethical business and quick payment practices. Over time, our reputation with motor carriers and logistics providers has given our customers the ability to leverage our brand and our influence to enjoy some of the best service and pricing in the industry. We keep carriers rolling – literally – with immediate cash flow, while extending longer credit terms to our customers as a service on both sides of the coin. The relationships we forge with our carriers are a huge advantage to working with Trinity, as our brand carries weight in our industry.

Billing happens your way.

Each of our customers is unique, so why should their accounting be any different? We offer standard options like mail, fax, and email billing, but we can also get more creative! Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a quick and easy way to integrate our invoices into your system of choice. Statement billing, or bulk billing, is also a fan-favorite among our customers – billing multiple loads all at once, either weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Prefer to have your invoices sent on a certain day? No problem! With us, you’re not forced into a cookie-cutter billing process. We learn your preferences and what works best for you in order to deliver billing options that make sense.

Shipment tracking 24/7.

Whether you ship a handful of shipments each month or thousands each day, nothing says peace of mind like knowing where your freight is at any given time. That’s why we offer online tracking for all customers. With a few easy clicks, you’re able to get the most up-to-date information on your shipment, its schedule, and planned delivery information. We also offer online documents, like proofs of delivery, invoices, and receipts for you to view, print, or email.

Dedicated customer service.

When you aren’t sure who to call, dial (866)TRINITY and our dedicated customer service department will answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Also accessible through live chat, our talented and friendly customer service team can help you with billing inquiries, getting in touch with your representative if you’ve misplaced their number, or any other question you can dream of.

Flexible shipment tendering options.

Our logistics specialists are very versatile when it comes to accepting your shipments. We accept any method of “tender,” or pickup request, that you’d like to submit. The most commonly used methods are phone, email, and fax. For higher volume accounts, we can set up Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) so that our system can communicate directly with your warehouse management system (WMS) or transportation management system (TMS). If you’d like to set up a more sophisticated approach by utilizing our online portal, that’s easily accomplished as well.