April 2019

Chaser Transport LLC

“I have been working with Ricky for about two years. He was leased onto a carrier I had used frequently, so when he left that company and got his own authority, I wanted to support him. He is a great guy and a wonderful driver. Safe, timely, polite, and flexible.”

-M’liss, Trinity Agent

“Every load through Trinity has been great customers and great people to work with. M’liss is great and is always on top of her game. Quick pay and 100% customer oriented. She looks after both sides of the load, the customer and the driver and never fails to make contact with both. Thank you and I look forward to the next loads!”

-Rick, Chaser Transport LLC

Gayer Farms of Specialty Transport Inc

“Working with Gayer Farms Specialty Transport has been amazing!  Wyatt is always upfront of what is going on and works hard to accommodate the needs of our customer.  He is a man of his word and completes his work with the upmost professionalism.  I look forward to a long working relationship with Wyatt and his team at Gayer Farms! “

-Kristen O’Connor, Minnesota RSC

Alston Transportation LLC

This carrier did a pretty good job for me last month on those two loads. Great communication. I have not been able to use them more than those two times, but plan to utilize them again.”

-Chase Kouts, DE RSC

J & N Transport LLC

“J & N Transport came on board in April and did a great job on two loads for me. Both the dispatcher and driver were professional and very diligent on updating their whereabouts from pickup to delivery. No doubt this carrier will be a good partner in the years to come!”

-Shanon Elliott, Trinity Agent

Provision E Enterprise LLC

“I worked with Provision on our loads out of Borden, IN. They did a great job and I look forward to continuing to use them!”

-Ryan Cochran, KC RSC