January 2019

Hasen Trucking LLC

“It has been my pleasure to work with Hasen Trucking. As a new carrier in Trinity’s network, they have become an important part of moving regional loads for us! More importantly, the relationship we have been building together has given our office a connection with a carrier that we can serve as they serve us. We highly value the fact that Hasen appreciates working relationships, and that a phone call is not just about booking a load. Many thanks to Hasen for their excellent service to our office and Trinity as a whole!”

– James, Agent for Trinity Logistics

Travis Smith Trucking LLC

“The Minnesota office started working with a new customer dealing with bulk hopper loads. Typically hopper customers/loads are difficult to work with due to the uniqueness of the loads, but working with Travis Smith has made servicing this customer extremely easy. Jason at Travis Smith is great at communicating on a daily basis and keeping us updated with any delays due to weather in the Midwest. Due to their service, we’ve continued to receive more opportunities from this customer. We’re looking forward to working with Travis Smith more in the future.”

– Taylor, Trinity Logistics Specialist

Oscar Rene Gomez

“Oscar Rene Gomez has four trucks that have been running dedicated routes from Vernon, Ca to Kingsburg, CA in the past two weeks. After these dedicated shipments stop, Oscar has dry vans and reefers that will continue to run for me intra-California. They are doing an excellent job.”

– Joe, Agent for Trinity Logistics

Vital Heavy Hauling Inc.

“Vital Heavy Hauling is based out of Auburn, NY and runs roughly 10 trucks – they prefer to stay East of the Mississippi. Jimmy Rush in Dispatch has been running heavy haul RGN loads for me as they are a preferred carrier for one of our customer dealerships. We look forward to continued business and growing this relationship.”

– Cassie, Agent for Trinity Logistics

Dhillon Trucks Inc.

“Dhillon is a great carrier. Reasonable with their rates and just great communication altogether. Became friends with the dispatcher, Andy. All around great carrier that I love working with for one of our frequent lanes.”

-Chris, Agent for Trinity Logistics

Northwood Trucking LLC

“Northwood Trucking has become a trusted carrier for my customer. I am kept up-to-date on what is going on and know that I can count on Rick and his team to accomplish the task at hand. I look forward to a long working relationship with Northwood Trucking.”

-Kristen, Trinity Logistics Specialist