Roadmap 2020: Trinity’s Freight Agent Conference

From November 7-9, Trinity Logistics will be hosting our annual Freight Agent Conference at the Margaritaville Resort in Kissimmee Florida. This year’s theme, Roadmap 2020, will give our network of over 100 agents the tools they need to navigate through the upcoming year. Here’s a quick glance of what this year’s conference is all about:  
  • Industry News: Our agents will get to learn about the newest hot topics in Transportation and Logistics from industry experts. We will also be launching new technology that our agents can use!
  • Education: There will be many breakout sessions for agents of all different roles in their company. We will be talking about strategic planning, digital freight matching, recruiting, and retention.
  • Speakers: Ellen Voie, President of Women in Trucking will be speaking at our conference. Agents will also get to hear from representatives at FreightWaves, such as Anthony Smith.
  • Networking: Whether it be formal breakout sessions or having fun in the sun, our agents will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with corporate team members and other agents!
At the conference we also host an awards ceremony to thank and honor the success and loyalty of our Freight Agents. Here at Trinity, we love our agents and recognize that they are an integral part of our company. For almost thirty years, we have been partnering with freight agents throughout the U.S. and Canada to mutually help our companies grow and offer top of the line supply chain solutions. Our agent conference is just one of the many offerings of being a freight agent with Trinity. Want to hear from our agents throughout the conference? Make sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts for live updates!