The Habits of Successful Freight Agents

Each year, the independent freight agents of Trinity Logistics from all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada gather for an annual meeting and networking event. This year, during our event, we discussed ways to grow your business, your personal development, and your team. As freight agents, the fires of the day take precedence over personal and professional development most of the time. It is important to us at Trinity to dig in and help our freight agents find ways to keep their business growing, while still having the ability to handle the operations of the typical “day in logistics”.

When it comes to making a plan for growth, taking that first step is always the hardest. This is where building habits come into play. Building habits of growth and success into your day will position your freight agent business to be consistently poised for results. In the book “H3 Leadership” by Brad Lomenick, he quotes a research study by Duke University where it was found that “40 percent of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decisions, but habits. When you rise in the morning, nearly half of your day will be determined by the patterns you’ve either intentionally created or passively allowed.” The data is pretty staggering! What we’ve noticed is that successful people have cultivated the habits that propel them to success, while those left wondering why others are successful are just going through the motions of every day, guided by those habits that they’ve passively allowed.

So, what ARE the habits of successful freight agents? While many areas of your life and business could use some reflection time to find what habits work best for you, there are a few that seem to be universal.

    • Goals – It’s not rocket science, it’s not anything new or revolutionary – but so many times when the question is asked ‘who wants to grow?’ every hand in the room goes up. But when asked, ‘who has a plan for to get there?’ no hands go up! You have to work towards something or you are just working! Make a goal, then re-evaluate your goals consistently to keep up with your growth.

    • Feed your mind – If there is one thing that successful people know, it’s that they don’t know everything! Great ideas don’t just happen, they are the result of a lot of time and research that came beforehand. Habitually find time to listen to podcasts, read, take a class or webinar. There are so many ways to keep current on events in your industry, leadership, and success – and many of them are free! Google “trade publications” or “podcasts” within your industry and subscribe. Take a few minutes every day to read something new or listen to a new podcast once a week. Whatever works for you, do it habitually to keep learning and growing!

    • Do what scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt so famously said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Take small steps towards something that makes you uncomfortable. Do you hate cold calling? Maybe start with a small goal of two per day. Do you want to do more face-to-face client visits? Start with the one closest to you. Take one small step towards something that is daunting in your business. The momentum from one small step leads to another and another!

While there are so many ways to build positive, growth-driven habits into your business and personal life, the key is to start with one. Find one thing that you can start doing, that you aren’t doing currently, to help lead your business down the path of success. Once you have some ideas on where to start, find a support team. A support team can help you stay pointed towards your goal and hold you accountable for those habits you’re creating. At Trinity Logistics, we have an Agent Support Team that is right there with our freight agents, doing everything from answering tech support questions to helping them grow their business. But, whatever you do….take that first step, develop that first habit and start!

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