We know there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for payment on a load and not understanding why you haven’t been paid yet. We prioritize paying our carriers in a timely manner – we want you to be paid as quickly as possible and in accordance with your agreed payment terms. To avoid any delays in payment, please follow the checklist below when billing for loads you’ve hauled for Trinity Logistics.

  •  If the rate confirmation states that “originals” are required, please do not fax or email us your documents. The originals must be provided by mail.
  • If you are scanning or copying the POD, make sure it is a clear and legible copy. If it’s not, please mail the POD directly to us at P.O. Box 1620, Seaford, DE, 19973.
  • Did you receive a T-Chek for a lumper on this load? We’ll need the receipt included with the invoice – otherwise, you might be short paid.
  • Are there any scale tickets stated on the rate confirmation? If so, please send them with the invoice.
  • Make sure to include the BOLs for all pickups and deliveries!
  • Is the POD signed by the receiver? If it’s a stamp, make sure it is dark enough to be legible for the customer.
  • Please send the invoice and POD together. If they are sent separately, it may appear to us that pieces are missing, and this can delay your payment.
  • Are you picking up at a job site with no BOL provided? Please call us at (866) TRINTY and we will send you a BOL for the load.
  • Make sure to put the shipment number on the invoice and/or POD.
  • For TRANSFLO, the load number must be included on each page.

How to send us your paperwork

Choose the most appropriate option based on the checklist above.


Call (866) TRINTY.