Using one of TRANSFLO’s service options, you can send Trinity load documents, including your bills of lading, receipts, and invoice to help speed up your payments. Just follow these steps and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Eliminate the time and cost of mailing and faxing your documents! Please note that Trinity charges a $2.50 fee for this service and it will be deducted from your final settlement. 

Instructions for TRANSFLO Express® scanning from a participating truckstop:

  1.  Visit a participating location, selected from the listed map of truckstops.
  2.  Perform the following check list before handing the fuel desk cashier your documents:
    • Clearly and legibly fill in the information at the bottom of our cover sheet labeled “Load Information”.
    • Make sure all documents are face-up, with the writing on the top side.
    • Securely tape small receipts or documents to a regular sized sheet of paper. Materials are provided by the scanning clerk for your convenience.
    • Remove paper clips and staples from all documents.
    • Place our coversheet on top of your documents. You must use an original coversheet, no photocopies, to ensure proper submission to Trinity’s Accounting Department. If you are unable to obtain a cover sheet, instruct the cashier to send them to Trinity Logistics, Inc.
  3. Once the scanning clerk has processed your documents, they will be returned to you with a confirmation receipt stapled to the front page.
    • Review this receipt to ensure the date and page count is correct.
    • Make sure Trinity’s SCAC CODE: TTFD was used in order to confirm they were sent to the right company.
  4. View the images on TRANSFLO’s website, click on “View Documents” in the top right corner. Enter the confirmation number from your receipt to view the scan as well as determine when the documents were delivered to Trinity. Images are kept online for 14 days.


A convenient, on-the-go scanning solution to use with your Android or iPhone.  Download the app to get started. Use the Recipient ID of TTFDV.


Download TRANSFLO Now! Software to your personal computer. Use the Fleet ID of TTFD.


Download TRANSFLO Velocity® for in-office use. Use the Broker ID of TTFDV.