Chances are, if you’ve heard of it, we’ve arranged a shipment of it. Over time, our repeat experience in a wide variety of select industries has made us quite the expert when it comes to arranging shipment like you’ll see detailed below. This isn’t a complete list of all the industries we’ve served and commodities we’ve arranged, but it demonstrates several areas in which we have developed competitive advantages as a chosen provider for leading companies in each segment.


When Trinity became part of the Responsible Care Partnership in 2009, it was to further solidify our commitment to an industry we were well-versed in for over six years before that. We’ve served some of the top automotive, agricultural, industrial, and specialty chemical manufacturers with everything from full tanker truckloads to less-than-truckload totes. Not only do we have the best operating procedures in place to ensure safety in arranging transportation for hazmat chemicals, but we also have the right contacts in place with reliable trucking companies.

Beer, Liquor, and Wine Transportation

We’ve been involved in arranging shipments of alcoholic beverages since before craft brewing was a craze, and our process shows it! Leading spirits distributors and manufacturers entrust their shipments to Trinity because of our simple process. We arrange trusted providers at a fair price and then over-communicate all of the steps between pickup and delivery that must occur in order to meet regulations. With so many different and ever-changing DOT laws, it’s nearly impossible for trucking companies or our customers to keep track of the requirements. That’s where we come in and ensure that we’ve helped dot the i’s and keep the shipment moving. Whether it’s shipping beer, or wine,  we’re the trusted advisor to the alcoholic beverage market. Read more about our service to this industry.


We got our start arranging shipments of refrigerated foods, but that quickly progressed into impressing the processors and packaging facilities that interacted with our representatives on those shipments. The paperboard and plastic manufacturers saw our demonstrated ability to arrange special demands such as high cube trailers, clean and FDA approved equipment, and just in time pickup or delivery. Our expertise in this market boomed, and some of our top customers are some of the biggest names in packaging.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

In the world of perishable foods, you have to be highly selective in who you trust to arrange the shipment. Trinity understands the importance of working hand in hand with growers and produce brokers to ensure that proper temperatures are communicated to the carrier and the shipment is consistently monitored for quality assurance.

Additionally, safety in the supply chain is imperative when it comes to the Food Safety Modernization Act. Establishing procedures to involve the right carriers with reliable equipment to protect the fragile nature of fresh fruits and vegetables can mean the difference between an accepted load from a happy customer or a refused shipment of overripe bananas. Trinity has the expertise and the team in place to arrange these shipments with care.

Packaged Foods (Frozen & Non)

This is the industry Trinity was built upon, and still exists as one of our major segments served. From canned goods, to shipping frozen food, to fresh poultry, Trinity is the #1 resource for food shippers and manufacturers. In fact, we were named a Top 100 3PL Provider by Food Logistics Magazine for the fifth year in a row in 2018.

Our service record is unmatched when it comes to our value added services such as appointment scheduling, navigating the difficult process of delivering to food warehouses, and pairing multiple stops to different customers.

Our case studies show that time after time, Trinity saves the day, saves you money, and ultimately helps provide the best advice as a trusted partner in order to help your business succeed. In 2014, we were named the single source logistics consultant for Pompeian, a leading olive oil manufacturer. Read more about how outsourcing has created increased customer service for their company.

Consumer Goods and  Appliances

The old saying goes, “If you bought it, a trucker brought it!” That’s never more true than when looking around your own home, and Trinity has been involved in arranging shipments for the leading household good manufacturers for many years. Can openers, power tools, microwaves, mixers, furniture, lighting fixtures, you name it, we’ve had a hand in the process.

What can be unique about serving this market is executing our knowledge in consolidation and less-than-truckload services. At times, a smaller order can be shipped LTL, and other times we can combine multiple orders into a truckload shipment to save our shippers transit time and freight costs. We’ve usually got a store sale window to meet, and we coordinate with both the receivers and the trucking company to balance those windows with ease.

Building Supplies

We get really excited when the housing market is booming, because that means some of our favorite shippers get really busy too! We’ve developed an incredible strength in arranging shipments for all sorts of supplies related to building and construction. Tile, stone, lumber, pipe, coils, metal sheets, other flooring, and various tools and machinery related to this industry are all daily occurrences in our planning.

Our case studies demonstrate how we can react to help quickly arrange replacement orders (Stone Source), and consult with your company to attain significant savings while achieving efficiencies (TAJ Flooring). We’ve found that in moving building supplies, our advantage is that we can easily arrange multiple modes for the same customer. Ocean imports are trans loaded onto a train to move intermodal to a warehouse we’ve arranged that’s cross-docked onto a truckload provider over-the-road, which is either on a flatbed or van depending on the commodity.

Still not convinced we’re equipped to handle your shipments? No problem, we can provide excellent references from companies like yours and a no hassle quote on your next shipment! Connect with us using our quick quote form.