Creating Value

Experience continuous value through our managed transportation relationship. We take the time at each step to ensure your expectations are being met. The result you will see is continuous improvement in your supply chain.

- Quarterly Business Review (QBR) of your short-term and long-term goals/objectives

- Identify business changes and new opportunities

- We grow with you and address market changes

Tell us your goals and objectives and we’ll:

- Whiteboard your current supply chain footprint

- Review strengths and challenges

- Understand tactical and strategic requirements

- Understand and confirm your expectations

- Understand your concerns in current processes

- Ensure the solution can meet all your business needs

- Agree on change management and implementation plan

- Combine our people and transportation technology to deliver your solution

- Analyze data and architect your solution

- Confirm solution alleviates concerns and meets tactical requirements

- Develop your change management and implementation plan

- Implement your designed solution

- Test possible solutions for a smooth launch

This Is Your Team
Amy Proctor
VP of Design Solutions
  • 15 years industry experience
  • Comprehensive background in dispatch, carrier and logistics sales, system design, and implementations
  • Provides strategy with detail and focus on relationships
Chris McAvoy
senior solutions architect
  • 16 Years industry experience
  • Extensive background in logistics process reengineering and operations
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Leading multiple system integration projects on time and on budget
Laura Willey
Senior Project Manager
  • 13 years industry experience
  • Extensive background in logistics technology design and operations
  • Leading successful implementation projects on time and on budget
Ryan O’Halloran
Enterprise Account Executive
  • 11 years industry experience
  • Diverse experience in sales, operations, account management, leadership, and managed services
  • Acute attention to detail and problem-solving skills to create customized solutions
Mark Peterson
SVP of Business Development
  • 30 years industry experience
  • Lengthy background in logistics and transportation management
  • Exceptional drive and dedication to company growth
Additional Support
Senior LTL Logistics Coordinator
Project Manager
Senior Solutions Architect
Billing Specialist
National Account Project Manager
VP of Design Solutions
Project Coordinator
Senior Project Manager
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