If your shipment doesn’t neatly fit into any one category, not to worry! We have arranged specialty transportation for some pretty unusual things – from giant cranes to movie sets. Our goal is to provide you with any specialty transportation solution you could possibly need, no matter how obscure or complicated. For our expert logistics consultants, being able to fulfill your unique requests is one of the most exciting aspects of our business. If you’re not sure who to call, that’s a sign that you should probably just call us!

Hazmat transportation

Whether you’re shipping gases, liquids, solids, oxidizers, poisons, or corrosives, we have relationships with carriers who specialize in hauling these materials. Safe hazmat transportation protocols are of huge importance for everyone. That’s why we’re one of the few 3PLs who participate in Responsible Care, the chemical industry initiative that demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement in health, safety, and environmental performance. We are committed to the safe handling and transportation of chemical shipments, and this distinguishes us from many other logistics providers of our kind. Our logistics consultants can help ensure that the right carriers are on the job, moving your shipment safely.

Oversized & overdimensional

Need to ship something that’s heavy, bulky, or just plain huge? Also known as “heavy haul” or “wide load,” these shipments have some pretty intense legal requirements and call for specialized equipment. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to discern what can and cannot actually be shipped over the road. As one of the top brokers of heavy haul trucking, our logistics consultants have considerable expertise in this area, allowing us to easily sort out the details and get your shipment arranged as quickly as possible.

Specialty transportation equipment

When it comes to the unusual equipment required for lots of specialty transportation situations, we’ve definitely got you covered. To name only some of the hard-to-find equipment we can get lined up for you: barges, drayage, power only, trailer shipping, auto carriers… basically, if it has a name, we’ll hunt it down for you – and if it doesn’t have a name, we can probably figure out how to do it anyway.

White glove

For higher-value freight, we can arrange for white glove service to ensure it gets top-notch protective care from pickup to delivery. Whether it’s high-value or fragile equipment, you can rely on our trustworthy, knowledgeable carrier network to provide your freight with the specialized care it requires.

Expedited Over-the-Road (OTR)

Whoops… you just ran out of flour, and your entire production line will grind to a halt in 24 hours. Not to worry – we arrange expedited and LTL services to get you what you need when you need it fast. Whether you need to replenish inventory, satisfy an unhappy customer, or distribute goods in the face of an unforeseen emergency, this speedy service will do just the trick.

Airport Recovery

We arrange for pick up of inbound international shipments with right-sized vehicles and airport-friendly drivers at all major airports nationwide.

Liftgate Services

If a full truckload shipment requires a liftgate, we arrange for straight trucks equipped with liftgate and pallet jack to meet tractor trailer at shipper or consignee to assist with loading and off-loading.

Drayage (Port and Rail)

We arrange full containers from the port or rail to the consignee, as well as load empty containers at the shipper and deliver to the port or rail.


We arrange an array of warehousing services including cross-docking and transloading, short and long-term storage, and order fulfillment and distribution (including technology).

… and more!

When we say we’d love to service any request, we’re not kidding. If your particular needs weren’t listed here, there’s a good chance we can still help you out. Maybe you have no idea what your specialty transportation needs are. Let’s work together and find a way to get your shipment rolling.