From planning to delivery, we’ll coordinate your truckload shipment needs every step of the way.

Dry or refrigerated, hazmat, or flatbed, you can rely on our 39 years of experience in full truckload brokering. With a network of nearly 70,000 authorized carriers and a team dedicated to meticulously tracking your shipments, you’ll have peace of mind when you’re arranging the shipment of truckloads with Trinity. What’s the advantage of working with us instead of booking directly with an asset-based carrier? Good question!

You’ll have greater access to capacity, thanks to our network of over 70,000 national trucking companies.

The national truck driver shortage is not a rumor – it’s happening. Capacity is tightening, and there aren’t always enough carriers to meet demand. The natural ebb and flow of available trucks is difficult to keep up with, and seasonal shifts can happen overnight. Having an experienced broker on your side, fighting for capacity, is the key to success. When you work with us, your shipment won’t be left sitting on the dock because you can’t find a truck. We have access to a base of tens of thousands of authorized national trucking companies, meaning that we can always find a way to get your load from Point A to Point B, no matter the demand for equipment.

You’ll save time.

You may not have the resources to spend your entire day routing your freight, tracking it, and managing the inevitable problems (delays, breakdowns, blown tires…) that come along with truckload shipping. Luckily, over 35 years of experience in arranging truckload freight shipping services has made us experts at handling all these details – even the unexpected problems. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. We’ll treat all your shipments like precious cargo and exceed your expectations like we have a million times before – and you can go back to focusing on your business.

We’ll reduce your risk.

If you’re selecting carriers on your own, are you examining and actively monitoring their operating authority, insurance information, and safety ratings? The freight shippers we use are checked by our system on a daily basis for compliance. You can feel confident that we won’t put your freight in the hands of a non-compliant carrier. When your shipments are arranged by Trinity, you don’t have to worry about the guesswork of selecting a reliable carrier for trucking your freight safely.

You’ll have peace of mind.

We’ve been in business since 1979. We’re ranked #21 on Transport Topics’ list of the Top 25 Freight Brokerages in the nation. While 3PLs and other freight brokers are required to have at least a $75,000 surety bond, ours is $250,000 (the highest possible). We’re rated as a Five Diamond broker with Internet Truckstop and the TIA. We’re praised by carriers every day for our honesty and ethical business practices. Our reputation speaks for itself in an industry where it can be hard to find a broker you can trust. With so much at stake – you can rest assured that you’re working with the best in the business.

You can trust in our fair pricing.

We arranged over 250,000 shipments last year – that’s over 20,000 a month and nearly 1,000 per day. We have over 100 offices nationwide. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry and we know which carriers to rely on for whatever lane you require. We know what the going rates are for freight shipping, and we keep ourselves educated about the fair market value. We have the expertise and the volume to keep pricing affordable and fair for you, no matter where your shipment is headed. Get a truckload shipping quote and see for yourself!